Walmart Loves Che. And Stalin. And Mao. Not So Much Hitler.

*******Just so you know, I sat on this for one month to give Walmart a chance to quash their initial response. None arrived.******* I’m not real good with mass murder types. I get a bit cranky when I see morons … Continue reading

Cleaning Up The Sleigh

The fat guy in the red suit is back in the closet for a while after 35 events in 25 days. How long until he’s back? Never know, so I always have a suit ready to go on a one-hour … Continue reading

Guest post – Not a CO-incidence, a GOD-incidence! (updated, broken link)

I regularly get encouragement and stories from friends and associates. This one is from the esteemed Tracy Griffin, long time friend and fine person. I asked if she’d guest blog it for me. She kindly agreed. Please enjoy. – * … Continue reading

Walt Longmire/Craig Allen Johnson Fanboy alert.

This summer has been a tough one for me. Health problems for a family member, the stress and burnout that came with crashing through the wall and completing my second novel in 1/2 the time originally allotted, website updates for … Continue reading