There Are Masked Men In My Driveway

Time to chew on some fresh Flash Fiction nuggets, hope you have the appropriate sauce to wash them down.  Before we get to the story, a reminder that it’s a group effort around this here ranch, and we hope you’ll … Continue reading

Kathy Kexel: Free Flash Fiction “Secrets” Part II

We’ve been a bad influence on Kathy. Sweet, kind, polite sort of woman who wandered in with the likes of us and we’ve corrupted her. I’m betting she’s planning on doing something bad right this second. So, before the cops … Continue reading

Free Flash Fiction Free Of Naval Terminology – Robert Cely With A Quarantine Murder

It is not often that my inner moron meets another’s inner moron. Moron, that is, in the affectionate way of using the term. Robert Cely’s story today is straight from my heart. Bravo, Robert!  Hop to the link and read … Continue reading

It’s Not Just For Rifle Scopes. Free Flash Fiction

In the publishing/writing world you have people who influence you at every point in the spin around the dance floor. Well, I’m proud to say that Jamie Greening has had none on me. Zip. Zero. Mainly because we have very … Continue reading

Where Did They Go?

It’s time for the annual Memorial Day piece of flash fiction. For my long-suffering readers, there is a theme I bring back from time to time. Today’s post is a part of that series. For the uninitiated, you will quickly … Continue reading