Task Appropriate Physical Fitness Tests

In the past few months, the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) has generated controversy with his skills/job based physical fitness test proposals. I would like to provide some background and suggested tests that might apply not only … Continue reading

My Love Letter To Amy Matayo

That title will probably garner me some dirty looks from a few readers, but worry not: I’m still faithful to my wife. But my wife didn’t write The End of the World. Amy Matayo did. And I’m in love with … Continue reading

Desert Death March

Saturday was the morning when I got up early, left my sleeping wife in the hotel room, and headed out on the streets of Las Vegas to find breakfast before sitting down to do some writing. I like that part … Continue reading

Ranty Rant Rant

There is nothing as good as a rant. Time to purge the system. Seems the cycle length between rants is decreasing for some reason. I suspect it is because society is getting dumber. Please follow me on Twitter, and “Like” … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Poop.

The title alone will let you know that I feel a course correction is required on this blog. It seems that I may have done too good a job lately, as the readership has grown substantially, and people have not … Continue reading