A Day For Teeth And Eyeballs.

Here is Stormy. Stormy is groggy. Stormy is soft. Stormy has clean teeth. On the other end of the camera is Joe. Joe is not groggy. Joe can barely see the camera or the computer screen. Joe has dilated pupils … Continue reading

Love Child. Are We Really Better Off In 2014 Than In 1968?

In 1968 Diana Ross and The Supremes had a hit with Love Child. ¬†Forty-six years later I have to wonder if we’ve done the right thing for children conceived¬†outside of marriage. Please follow me on Twitter, and “Like” the Facebook … Continue reading

You Never Know Who’ll You’ll Meet When You Look Into The Shadows On Memorial Day.

Today’s post is fiction. But it’s so close to my heart that I’m a bit broken by it all. But first, Hand Salute. Ready, To. Thank you to all who gave their lives that I might sit here and write … Continue reading

The Veterans Hospital Scandal Is Much More Than A Scandal: It’s Murder.

Somebody has got to call this as it is, because Barack Obama isn’t going to bother with the facts. His press conference on Wednesday proved that to be the case. Please follow me on Twitter, and “Like” the Facebook author … Continue reading

Death Sentence – Training Room 6B

Part of this blog is fiction writing. Today I’m chucking out a 700 word piece of flash fiction. Written in one sitting, 15 minutes, out for your perusal. Gives me a chance to stretch my legs. Serious content resumes Thursday. … Continue reading