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Upon this rock…

 Jesus used Peter to found the church. I as privileged to make my trip to Haiti with a man named Peter as well. He didn’t sling a sword and cut off any ears, but he was a rock to build … Continue reading

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Honest – I’ll get back to Haiti on Friday.

I have to admit I slowed the pace of the Haiti posts because I’ve been waiting for the pictures from our photographer. Once I have those (getting them tomorrow) I’ll ramp up the writing. I have a lot to share … Continue reading

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Catch ’em sleeping

I’m pleased to report that our newest family member is doing well. She’s actually becoming socially acceptable. But I still have to catch her sleeping. Yesterday I must have laughed for 20 minutes trying to get a picture of her … Continue reading

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Frame of mind counts.

I went shopping at three very different food outlets this past weekend. All three reflect how we can approach our lives both spiritually and on Earth. Sadly, many of us opt for the third choice and trudge our way through … Continue reading

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Dr. Shakil Afridi

Dr. Shakil Afridi is the Pakistani doctor who helped locate Osama bin Laden. Without him, and the intelligence work he performed for this nation, that monster would still be running loose. He is currently being tortured by the Pakistanis on a regular … Continue reading

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