Honest – I’ll get back to Haiti on Friday.

I have to admit I slowed the pace of the Haiti posts because I’ve been waiting for the pictures from our photographer. Once I have those (getting them tomorrow) I’ll ramp up the writing. I have a lot to share but the visuals are so strong that I didn’t want to proceed without them.

So, instead, more dog stuff. Last night somebody named Stormy wanted my attention. She woke me up with a nose and a paw on the bed. I gently pulled her up and she laid down next to me. And for the first time ever, I fell asleep with my nose on her head and my arm draped over her. It was wonderful.

Long range shots are my only hope.

I don’t know what our future as dog/pack leader/human/daughter/dad will bring, but this was a big step. I take great comfort in having her accept that love.

I wish the same for all of you. And, I’ll turn it around – is there someone in your life that needs that paw and nose presented?  Someone you love but have been afraid to admit it? And will showing your vulnerability hurt or heal you?

Finally, today begins my non-scientific study to see if putting random keywords into the posts will blossom traffic in new and weird ways. Today’s is Justin Bieber in honor of my friend Bob Stephenson who mentioned him on Facebook this morning. I figure if I draw in a few people every day with some silly random keyword in the popular culture or news it might be one more person who seeks God.

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