Rats. I’m Going To Miss That Bunch. But I Got Some New Friends Out Of The Deal.

I got booted out of a Facebook group on Saturday. It was my own fault, I was honest and upfront. I have that bad habit. At least I try to have that habit. Being human it doesn’t always work. Please … Continue reading

I Am So Bored With The Whiners In The Media

I’ll just leap out here and say it: Who cares? Does the media really have nothing better to talk about than an old dude with a basketball team who has attitudes dating back to when he was born? Is this … Continue reading

That’s Going To Leave A Mark On The Old Medulla Oblongata

My autonomic system struggled mightily on Wednesday while the upper half of my brain was in a training class. I managed to escape with my breathing and pulse intact, but the damage had to be present in some form. Please … Continue reading

There’s A Lesson In Here Somewhere…

It’s a writer’s disease symptom: looking for a way to turn every event in your life into a blog post or chapter in the next book. You know the deal: “I’m putting that in the next book. Thanks!” Yeah, how … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Time – Evil Dump Truck

It’s been a little while since I’ve had the time to do any flash fiction. Since I’m working my way around the genre pool, today I’ll be swimming out into the deep end of speculative fiction. Because I’m too lazy … Continue reading