The Crinkle Of Paper, And Other Sounds I Have Missed.

Several years ago I was in the mandatory diversity class that most employers force you to take. My concept of diversity is not being too big an idiot with anyone. Color, creed, gender, none of it matters: just be polite … Continue reading

That’s Going To Leave A Mark On The Old Medulla Oblongata

My autonomic system struggled mightily on Wednesday while the upper half of my brain was in a training class. I managed to escape with my breathing and pulse intact, but the damage had to be present in some form. Please … Continue reading

I’m A Facebook Felon – Come And Get Me, Coppers.

It was with great reluctance that I was dragged into the Facebook world a few years ago. But I kept hearing how you had to have a Facebook page if you were an author. So I made one. And an … Continue reading

NERD Alert.

I just spent an hour in nerd heaven because I’d stumbled upon a television show about the Apollo Navigation Computer. Please follow me on Twitter, and “Like” the Facebook author page. Don’t forget to subscribe (the box is on the … Continue reading