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The Crinkle Of Paper, And Other Sounds I Have Missed.

Several years ago I was in the mandatory diversity class that most employers force you to take. My concept of diversity is not being too big an idiot with anyone. Color, creed, gender, none of it matters: just be polite … Continue reading

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Really Sweet Stuff.

I just finished the annual dance with the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis. While I’m still very angry about the national scandals involving the VA, and think a whole raft of national level administrators and staff need to be fired, … Continue reading

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I Stopped At The Spot Bar For A Drink With My Friends Pat & Craig.

Thirty years ago two of my friends died in the crash of Ranger 12 on the U.S.S. Nimitz. They were Cryptologic Technicians Interpretive Third Class Craig Rudolph and Patrick Price. I talked about the story in a previous edition of … Continue reading

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Another Excellent Day In My Life

Last Wednesday my God Daughter’s school had a ceremony honoring veterans. Her mother and father are both teachers. I will not put their names out here to protect their privacy. But I have to say that I love the whole … Continue reading

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An End Of The Week Veterans Day Mishmash.

This will be shorter than normal. Let’s start. President-elect Trump, I’ve found the starting point for draining the swamp: The V.A. While there are many fine professionals working there in clinician roles, the joint needs a draining of administrators. Prosecute … Continue reading

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