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You Can’t See Poop In The Dark

Last Saturday I attended a fund-raiser at a friend’s farm. I got to run the grill with the able, and appreciated, help of Max Aristide. He’s the best. Between us, we managed to feed the whole crowd and have a … Continue reading

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Law Enforcement – The Daily Grind Is Done With Excellent People

Long before some of you were born, I squeezed into a patrol car for a year of my life. I loved it at times, feared it at times, respected it always. I worked with some great people, some adequate people, … Continue reading

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Providence & Saint Paul’s Crime Problem

My wife and I often state that there are no coincidences, only “Godincidences” in our lives. Monday was a prime example of that theory in action. I had plans on where to be at 1830, God had other plans. Saint … Continue reading

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This Ain’t Much Of A Blog Today

Just wanted to say a word or two so you didn’t think I was dead. I have three (3) really good blogs coming up, but reality stepped in and stopped me up short. So hang in there a day, or … Continue reading

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