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Marie Osmond Needs To See A Pulmonologist.

I don’t often dream about Marie Osmond, but after a late night at the church on Wednesday, and a bit of television to try and kill the migraine (along with the drugs that sometimes help, and a head-rub from my … Continue reading

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Oh. You Were Expecting Content?

Sorry about that, Chief. I promise to do better this coming week. Fact is, I’ve been sick. For the last month. Not just the sniffles, but the kind of sick that required general anesthetic, surgery, and more oxycodone that I … Continue reading

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The Orbital Mechanics Of Imprisonment.

I think about a lot of random stuff. Writer’s curse. One topic that has always fascinated me is space flight. Specifically, the Apollo missions to the moon. How does that relate to winding up in prison? Read on for a … Continue reading

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Doh! I’m a maroon!

My wife has worked with ESL (English as a Second Language) for years now. She’s tutored Russians, Somalis, and who knows who else.  I think she needs to work with me. I just got done with the Neurologist.  I got … Continue reading

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