Liar, Stupid, Or Brain Damaged: It’s Time To Pick Hillary’s Excuse.

For those of you planning on voting for Hillary based on her genitalia, this entire blog can be skipped. Probably forever. Since women are clearly (in your opinion) the superior sex in every possible way, my only question would be … Continue reading

The Orbital Mechanics Of Imprisonment.

I think about a lot of random stuff. Writer’s curse. One topic that has always fascinated me is space flight. Specifically, the Apollo missions to the moon. How does that relate to winding up in prison? Read on for a … Continue reading

The Screeching Soapbox Is Open For Business.

It is once again time to jump up on my beloved soap box. Today’s hectoring session regards the treatment of celebrities in the press of late. I’m not counting Filthy Filner – he’s just sleazy. What I am talking about … Continue reading