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Mighty Quiet In Those Streets Today.

I live in Minnesota. The Twin Cities. Over the weekend, a black cop shot a white woman. Both of them born outside the United States. If we really were the racist, horrible society that some have accused us of being, … Continue reading

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Not A Political Rant

I had a lovely rant about fake news to share with you. Then I realized that the hyper-partisan individuals for whom I had written the blog over the past few days wouldn’t care what I said. Consequently, a movie review … Continue reading

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Well, That Wasn’t Exactly Overnight. But It Was Fun.

Today’s blog will be fairly short. It’s plain old bragging, and a little bit of some other stuff. The bragging first. This past Monday, I was honored to represent the various veteran’s organizations as the emcee at the Memorial Day … Continue reading

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The Times Have Changed. Please Pay Attention If You Value Your Freedoms.

This past weekend I attended a rally for President Trump at the state capitol grounds. I went as an observer. Yes, I support the president, but I also wanted to observe and report. Well, here’s the report: Suspected white supremacists … Continue reading

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Six Wet Miles: A Goal Met.

This past weekend I spent a few quality hours with 2,000 fellow maniacs in Ashland, Wisconsin at the Book Across The Bay. Perchance that is a less than accurate statement: the race starts in Ashland and goes to Washburn, Wi … Continue reading

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