Some Reviews – You May Want To Read These In The Privacy Of Your Home.

I put the title out there only because some folks get their undies in a bundle when I say nice things about secular entertainment. These reviews today, which cover more than one item, cover a couple of shows that are a bit raunchy. As usual, my review format will be nontraditional, and you will love it or hate it.

So, here we go.

First review on tap is for the NETFLIX show STRANGER THINGS.

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Stranger Things is a story set in 1980s middle America. The cold war is at its peak, and this improbable band of children discover supernatural enemies, commies, and greedy corporations trying to undue the world. The show covers three seasons, and I am fairly sure they’ve set it up to go on after a few years hiatus, but I’m not going to do any spoilers. 

If you grew up in this era, or the 70’s, you will love it. They have done an excellent job of capturing the times, down to the crap on the kid’s desks. The musical score is the one I grew up to, and the kids – and adults – are all good actors. There is a lot of camp. Tons of it. And it fits nicely. You will smile, laugh, probably twitch and make frightened noises from time to time, and love the story. Don’t watch this if you have issues with secular shows – the supernatural, drinking, smoking, etc. If, on the other hand, you have some common sense and like a darned good yarn, this is a great blitz-watch event. 

The second review is MIND HUNTER.  (Photo credit to IMDB)

Another NETFLIX  series, it is a fictionalized (heavily) version of events that surround the Behavioral Sciences Unit of the F.B.I. Great entertainment that will not appeal to some, it is as dark and deranged as the mind of a serial killer. It is a disturbing show with aberrant behavior as the norm. But it is a blast to watch, and if you are even remotely curious about this kind of crime, it is a must watch. Don’t take notes and study up if you plan to be a real investigator, the plots occasionally have holes you could drive Ted Bundy through, but it’s a fast-paced show with lots of twists and turns. 

Next up, we move over to Amazon Prime for THE BOYS

Photo credit: Amazon Prime

Haven’t you always wondered, just a little bit, what would happen if Superman, or the Flash, or any other super hero just lost it and gave into vengeance and bad behavior? What if they were a drug addict, or a sex offender. How on Earth would you stop them?

That, my friends, is the basic premise of The Boys. Since I’m being up front on the reviews, this one has more warning letters than I have in my last name. It is not suitable for children (none of these are) or for the faint of heart. But it is cool. And comicbook in places. I loved it. Binge all 8 episodes on a weekend. 

Next up – the incredible Dave Chappelle STICKS & STONES, also on NETFLIX.

Photo credit NETFLIX

If you don’t like any of the things I talked about with the previous shows, you’ll hate Chappelle. If you have a sense of humor, and don’t mind getting your own ox gored along the way to a laugh or fifty, Chappelle will deliver. He’s managed to offend almost everyone along the way in his career. But he’s an immensely talented mimic, and an astute observer of our foibles. You will find yourself being uncomfortable because society says you’re supposed to be – and then rejecting the discomfort because Chappelle exposes political correctness for what it is: censorship.  Right now all the social justice warriors are hunting his head over the special. I encourage you to watch it and think hard about what he has to say.

Finally, I need to reveal the fact that I didn’t just spend the weekend watching witches exposing their body parts while cursing and dismembering school teachers. I also spent some quality time at the theater watching OVERCOMER.

Let me just say that I’m through apologizing for enjoying Christian movies. The popular/intellectual thing to say is, “It was good for what it was.”

I will be the first to agree that a lot of “wholesome” movies stink. But so do most unwholesome movies that are shot on a similar budget. The Kendrick brothers do an incredible job, and the final product is not much different than a major Hollywood production.

So, having admitted that I loved the movie, let me tell you some reasons why that is the case.

We all need to be uplifted from time to time, and confirmed in our faith. We need to know that other people just stop in the middle of their day and pray for others – yes, I do that all the time. We need to know even “Good Christians” have a big mess on their plates and don’t always deal well with it. Most of all, we need to see that God’s plans sometimes look cheesy, and have to be a coincidence – and yet they are specifically planned and magnificent.

Kendricks does a great job of producing a good movie with great messages. Lots of wet eyes in the house. Mine included. I left feeling great. and I think you will as well.

Here’s the trailer – you should go and see it. 

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