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And it was downright painful getting there. I think the dam is now broken.

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vlogging in the garden.

Trying something new for me, video blogging. Just a break from the world of 1989 where I plan on spending my morning. Yup, started my own channel on youtube. That ought to put a few people to sleep.

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Bring in the dancing ushers!

It’s 11 hours until church. I’m already a little bit tingly over the prospect. What?  You think I might be a religious zealot? Au contraire, mon frère. I am zeaolous in my faith, but not like you might think. No, … Continue reading

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More bear related silliness.

Just wanted to point out that I’ve had no word from Alaska about bears consuming my family member. That is a good thing. Here’s a bear video for all of you. It is noteworthy that the fellow is driving and … Continue reading

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Line up now, tallest ones to the right.

It is often said that “Good guys finish last.”  I’m not buying it, never have. And since you’re reading this I’m guessing you share that sentiment. Here’s your chance to do something about it. I have a friend (yes, one … Continue reading

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