Santa Claus Is Here

John Carmody had been Santa for 20 years. Ironically, 2020 was his 20th anniversary as Santa.  In that time he’d risen to the peak of his profession. Perhaps not the most wealthy Santa that had ever worn the red suit, … Continue reading

Christmas For The Food Obsessed. Kathy Kexel Brings Both Kinds Of Kraut.

I realize that she has now crossed out the title and sent me an email letting me know exactly how many kinds of kraut there are. But she’s on my naughty list. You see, I studied German for years *don’t … Continue reading

Another Excellent Christmastime Story from Dr. Paul Bennett.

Yesterday, in my usual whiney way of lamenting, I pointed out that Rob Cely had shamed me with his fine story. Looking back over the past week, all of the other members of the Fondue Writers Club have produced excellent … Continue reading