Where Did They Go?

It’s time for the annual Memorial Day piece of flash fiction. For my long-suffering readers, there is a theme I bring back from time to time. Today’s post is a part of that series. For the uninitiated, you will quickly … Continue reading

Dr. Paul Bennet – A Beautiful Conclusion To Our Week Of Free Flash Fiction

Paul has no zombies. No scheming military officers. No arsonists. None of the above. He is our respite from Wuhan Flu stories because he’s a doctor treating the real patients. You, dear reader, are the beneficiary of his seeking respite … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Free? Yes. Kathy Kexel Two-Parter? Yes.

For someone who hadn’t written in a while, Kathy Kexel has been a word-monster in our covidcantinaflashfictionfreeforall. (Not really what we call it, but I just wanted to see what it looked like in print.) Seriously. She gives us part … Continue reading

The Welcome Wagon Drives An APC. Joe Shaw Free Flash Fiction

I’ve known Joe Shaw for several years. Every time he opens his mouth, or taps on his keyboard, I cringe a little bit. Also, every time he opens his mouth, or taps on his keyboard, the level of quality comes … Continue reading

The Race For Free Flash Fiction Is On Today

Derek Alan Elkins is a guy who deserves reading. Today’s gem was delightful. Mind you, it did involve some strange elements, some perhaps from another world – or mental world. But I loved the story “The Race” and I’m quite … Continue reading