1000th Post Coming In February

Welcome back. My thanks to the many readers who communicated privately after the post about Ranger 12 and my two friends, Patrick Price and Craig Rudolph. It’s always nice to hear from you, but doubly nice when you were friends … Continue reading

I Stopped At The Spot Bar For A Drink With My Friends Pat & Craig.

Thirty years ago two of my friends died in the crash of Ranger 12 on the U.S.S. Nimitz. They were Cryptologic Technicians Interpretive Third Class Craig Rudolph and Patrick Price. I talked about the story in a previous edition of … Continue reading

This’ll Be Brief.

Now, if you go to a church like mine, you probably pushed away from the screen, went to the bathroom, grabbed a cup of coffee and took your shoes off. No problem with being comfortable for the long haul, right? … Continue reading

Weather Forecast: Melting Snowflakes

Three hours from the time this posts we will have a new President. I will once again capitalize that word on purpose. I hope, and pray, that Donald J. Trump is blessed by God with wisdom, grace, and humor for … Continue reading

Order For This Week: Lighten Up, Francis.

This week will be a tough one for the sensitive snowflakes out there. Thankfully, I’m anything but sensitive. I have already put in my supply of popcorn and fizzy water. The DVR stands ready to record the hilarity that will … Continue reading