Weather Forecast: Melting Snowflakes

Three hours from the time this posts we will have a new President. I will once again capitalize that word on purpose. I hope, and pray, that Donald J. Trump is blessed by God with wisdom, grace, and humor for his full time as President. I also wish good health to the outgoing Barack Hussein Obama. May he enjoy his retirement in privacy and reflection like his predecessors. I have a sneaking hunch that he will not do that, but one can hope.

Why am I thrilled this morning? Because last night I watched the concert and noticed a few things: Trump knew all the words to “God Bless The U.S.A.”, tapped his toe to the United States Army band when they played several marches I’ve crossed parade grounds to, and he got a Toby Keith performance tailored to his personality. (Mr. Keith, you were a class act last night! We have not agreed on politics, Sir, but never did I lose respect for you. Last night proved you are an American over all. I’ll be seeing you this summer!)

In addition, his visit to the Tomb of the Unknowns was moving.

In the audiences, at every stop, there were men, women, Asians, blacks, whites, kids, codgers, gay, straight, and every other dividing distinction. But what happens when you mix them all together? You get America. And America came out to cheer Donald Trump.

The whining, kvetching, and stupid behavior of the losing party are pathetic. I hope they open their eyes long enough to realize that the world didn’t end on November 8, and that this man does seem bent on uniting the populace.

So let’s melt some snowflakes with love for each other. Let’s not label by race, or gender, or income. Let’s gather as our best generations have done, and move to push this country forward. Let’s not support fabulist tales, in the news or social media, that destroy our bond as citizens.

I pray, fervently, that today is the beginning of the return of the best of American values.

God Bless the United States of America.
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