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Dear Fake News: You Can All Shut Up Right After You Apologize To The President.

For the past two years I have been remarkably taciturn about my contempt for the lying weasels that comprise the Fake News industry, and their co-conspirators in the Democrat party. I have, in large part, laid out no comment about … Continue reading

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What Was I Going To Say?

I’m now heading into the second full week of having this stupid virus. I’d like to say that it has given me a lot of time to think deep thoughts. Mostly I think about things like, “How much longer until … Continue reading

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Sick like miserable dog. I’m on the margins of rational thought, and afraid that blogging this week will expose just what a moron I am when I have a fever. See you next week.

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We Fear Too Much.

Before this one gets me exiled from your circle, I ask simply that you read the whole thing (it’s short) before rendering judgement. Since the beginning of recorded time there has been an implicit threat that God is coming to … Continue reading

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