We Fear Too Much.

Before this one gets me exiled from your circle, I ask simply that you read the whole thing (it’s short) before rendering judgement.

Since the beginning of recorded time there has been an implicit threat that God is coming to judge us. I agree. He is coming, and He’s disappointed and angry. No doubt. He sent His Son to atone for our terrible behavior, and we turned around and held a party that night.

What we have also been doing, since the beginning of time, is pointing fingers and saying that this is the most evil time in history. “We are all skirting the edges of Hell every moment, and without a doubt the person in charge of our society is a huge example of the wickedness that envelops all of us.” Thus sayeth the prophets since time immemorial.

It is also, judging by popular culture, the most difficult time in history to be elderly, a teenager, a dog, or you name it.

Hogwash. Utter Hogwash in my opinion.

I will agree that we’re doing some terrible things as a species. Probably the worst of all is abortion. We kill millions of humans around the world each year because they are inconvenient. We create them in a moment of lust (99% of them anyway) and then dispose of them like trash because we are too short-sighted to plan properly. Planned Parenthood, indeed. How about “Convenient Murder” as an alternative, and more accurate, name?

But I digress. Travelling back through history we’ve had some real bad things. The Holocaust, slavery, genocide, The Hanson Brothers. Each generation has had some awful atrocity associated with their time on earth, whether it be Jonestown, Rwanda, or Pol Pot.

Popular culture has been decrying teenage angst since the first motion pictures. Gene Pitney famously said … well, you don’t want another Gene Pitney lecture, but his lyrics talked an awful lot about how badly teenagers were treated by the world.

None of this is new. It isn’t because Donald Trump is president. It isn’t because Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House. It isn’t for any of the reasons your self-centered mind says are the cause of the world’s misery. (Well, Pelosi is suspect…)

It is simply because we’ve all fallen short in the eyes of God. (Romans 3:23). Go take a read of that book. People were cheating on each other and killing rivals for girls way back then. I mean, we never change, do we?

So lay off the “we’re all going to die” if we don’t defeat a politician at the ballot box. Lay off the rhetoric about how evil the opposition is – no matter your side. Let’s try to solve some problems and talk to each other instead.

Trust me: nobody knows the time nor the date. But we should be getting ready, and pointing fingers and screaming hasn’t done much so far ,has it?

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