What Are You Studying This Week?

In teaching resilience to our students, we talk about growth being a beneficial thing for their well-being. Whether they are working on a skill related to being a First Responder, setting up skills for their second/third/final career, or just learning … Continue reading

Guidance For Business Leaders During The Covid-19 Freakout Period

So, you’d like your business to survive this goat-rope known as Covid-19? You have come to the right place.  What do you need to come out of the other side? Employees. So bite the bullet, and instead of laying off … Continue reading

An Open Letter To All Veterans. #EndVetSuicide

Let me preface this with a simple statement and then a warning: I am not, nor do I claim to be, a veteran of any combat action that the United States government recognizes. I am not a holder of the … Continue reading