Order For This Week: Lighten Up, Francis.

This week will be a tough one for the sensitive snowflakes out there. Thankfully, I’m anything but sensitive. I have already put in my supply of popcorn and fizzy water. The DVR stands ready to record the hilarity that will … Continue reading

Whew! Glad We Vetted Trump’s Wife Early On.

Given the fact that Melania Trump possibly cribbed a few innocuous lines from a speech, I’m utterly refusing to vote for her for First Lady. I promise on my immortal soul, I will not vote for her. Please follow me … Continue reading

The Islamic Threat Is Real, Mr. President.

Since I’ll flush a few readers with this one, I’d just like to say, “Thank you for dropping by. I hope you’re not beheaded or burned alive. Too bad you were offended, but not sorry I offended you.” Please follow … Continue reading

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, You Are Being Slow Rolled.

Was that stated strongly enough? Let me rephrase it: Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Jay Carney, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Susan Rice, Joe Biden, and all of the other lying twits that have perpetrated this fraud on the American people deserve … Continue reading

Benghazi was attacked 6 months ago today.

I first posted the item below in October of 2012. I stand by it today. Nothing has changed. If anything, the absolute contempt for us that the White House has shown is even more profound and disgusting than what I … Continue reading