Whew! Glad We Vetted Trump’s Wife Early On.

Given the fact that Melania Trump possibly cribbed a few innocuous lines from a speech, I’m utterly refusing to vote for her for First Lady. I promise on my immortal soul, I will not vote for her.

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Really? This counts as a controversy? I’m opposed to any First Lady (or First Man when the time comes) saying anything more important than, “I’m so glad you love what I’ve done with the decorations on the White House Christmas Tree.” Fini.

More times than I can count I’ve been seriously annoyed with all of the policy generated from this non-elected person. They are not my representative. They can sit quietly, hand out champagne flutes, or get the heck out of the limelight.

If we’d like to discuss vetting, and plagiarism, how about Joey Joe Joe Biden? A man who was forced to end his presidential run because he stole the campaign speech of a British candidate.

Don’t remember that, eh? Not surprising as it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Let us not get distracted. Melania Trump is not running for office. Hillary, who risked national security with her pursuit of power and terrible behavior, is a candidate. Let’s try and remember that little episode. An episode for which I, or any of my colleagues in the intelligence world, would have gone to prison. If you are willing to excuse her behavior on the basis of “she didn’t know”, just remember that that means she’s too stupid to understand the rules that millions of military members understand.

And she wants to run the joint?

Personally I hope Melania steals all sorts of additional stuff in the future. I think her accent is cute. Shrillary? I’d rather that my encroaching deafness be accelerated than put up with her screechy voice and cackle (while she lies her butt off) for four years.

Thank you for reading. Keep up the good work!

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