Liar, Stupid, Or Brain Damaged: It’s Time To Pick Hillary’s Excuse.

For those of you planning on voting for Hillary based on her genitalia, this entire blog can be skipped. Probably forever. Since women are clearly (in your opinion) the superior sex in every possible way, my only question would be “Which color among them is the very best?” Be honest, if you’re such a dumbbell that you’d vote for a candidate strictly based on their genitals, you must also have a color preference as well.

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Friday, just before the long weekend, the data dump hit regarding the most recent 15,000 + emails found on Hillary’s private server. The server that was illegal, in and of itself, for use in her position. Don’t bother to lecture me that any other official anywhere ever sent a private email. This server was used in the place of the official government channels. The reason? It’s mighty hard to gather Freedom of Information Act data from a private server. You can hide all your sins that way.

Second, criminal intent is not, actually, a part of making it a criminal act. Merely the mishandling of classified information qualifies you for a stint in prison. I know about these things. People I know who did things a couple of orders of magnitude less damaging were punished severely. Her emails were felonies. I know the battle cry is, “But if it was illegal, why wasn’t she arrested?” Kind of the same reason that Bill Clinton was never arrested for perjury: because he is a Clinton.

Now, back to the title of this blog today.

Hillary’s excuse, if you read the FBI information release, is that she didn’t remember ever doing anything naughty, nor did she remember getting briefings on handling classified information. Further, she said that perhaps her concussion made her forget that those things happened.

Let’s just stop right there. She has admitted that she’s either brain damaged or stupid. If you don’t buy either, because it would disqualify her from being president, that leaves liar as your option.

Time to pick, America. She already has.

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Liar, Stupid, Or Brain Damaged: It’s Time To Pick Hillary’s Excuse. — 1 Comment

  1. Joe,
    Excellent points.
    It’s hard to explain to civilians who never served in the military nor worked in the government exactly how serious and outright criminal Hillary Clinton’s email misadventures with classified material really were. And even some veterans and civil service types who never handled intelligence material are ignorant about the criminality and seriousness of her deeds. Sad really. This is the price of freedom, I guess, that we now have a generation of voters who were taught that national security is a hobby for a twisted few in the paranoid gun-nut class, rural gomers with too much “jingoist” sentiment for our country and misplaced affection for the military and the flag. The rest of America has better things to do like keeping up with the Kardashians and earnestly being “concerned” about disenfranchised minorities and the environment.
    And yes, there are very powerful and wealthy people who protect the Clintons for their own nefarious reasons. But people prefer to keep their heads buried in the sand.
    God help our backslid land to repent.
    God bless you, Joe.