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Minnesota Is A Winter Wonderland For Dolts

Og, one of the prehistoric inhabitants of the area that would become Minnesota turned to his wife one day and said, “It is cold. I never would have expected this when the days have grown so short.” Og’s wife, Julie, … Continue reading

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Providence & Saint Paul’s Crime Problem

My wife and I often state that there are no coincidences, only “Godincidences” in our lives. Monday was a prime example of that theory in action. I had plans on where to be at 1830, God had other plans. Saint … Continue reading

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Yer In My Way, Pokemon Dude

For those of you not familiar with the Pokemon Go! game, it involves a tablet or cellphone with special programs, internet capability, and a screen big enough to get you killed because you can’t pay attention to anything else. Played … Continue reading

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Attention Hamster Head:

Yes, you. The Jerry Garcia look-alike in the clapped out Ford Focus. I am still marveling at your abrupt u-turn and injection into my side of the divided roadway yesterday. I’m not sure if your cutting me off was more … Continue reading

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So, that money’s burning a hole in your pocket? Well, I can help.

Let’s get right to the nub. This is a pitch for funds for a worthy cause.  Here’s the link, just specify “Clive Welsh & radio tower” in the subject line: Lighthouse Radio Donations Now that the obvious is out of … Continue reading

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