Maybe Get A Blister On Your Thumb…

We’re probably in trouble if I’m quoting lyrics from the 1980’s, but it sure fit today. Please read on to get some potentially life-changing information. It’s a longer post, but some good photos to help move it along. Here’s the … Continue reading

This Is How I Spend My Vast Amounts of Free Time

This week we I was planning on heading into dark territory. But you can relax – the opus of darkness is still in progress and I want to get it just right before rolling it out. In the meantime, I … Continue reading

My Readers Got Tears in My French Toast.

I had breakfast this morning with my friends Michael Stoebner, Jeffrey Gacek, and Curt Dixon at the Daily Diner in Frogtown. A perfectly wonderful piece of my cinnamon roll french toast was almost ruined when you, my readers, provoked a … Continue reading

Honest – I’ll get back to Haiti on Friday.

I have to admit I slowed the pace of the Haiti posts because I’ve been waiting for the pictures from our photographer. Once I have those (getting them tomorrow) I’ll ramp up the writing. I have a lot to share … Continue reading