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I Wear #WhiteGloves. Time For Al Franken To Buy A Pair. (Double Entendre Fully Intended)

The subject is Al Franken – heinie grabber. Al’s defense is that he’s in a lot of photos every year and doesn’t remember grabbing any butts. Really. I couldn’t make it up if I tried. It also seems that he … Continue reading

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Friday Was Exceptional.

My weeks between November 15th and December 26th often become a blur of activity, sleep deprivation, and lots of miles on the road. By sheer happenstance, I lucked out and enjoyed a rare day off, no Santa performance at Midtown … Continue reading

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A Completely Different Kind Of Post. Blog Tour Time. Face Me Day.

I’m sure some of you came here today for a lovely Veteran’s Day posting. Something deep. You will not be disappointed today. The format will be a bit different than usual because I was invited, as the only male in … Continue reading

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Sponsorship Late Friday

It just doesn’t have the ring of Sponsorship Sunday, but I wanted to get this post out and let it be seen over the weekend. Last year I made a missionary trip to Haiti that changed my life. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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There’s A Little Spot On My Heart That Glows Red And Green.

Some of you know that I’m actually a super hero for a few weeks each year. For those that weren’t aware of it, I’m actually Santa Claus. Before you call the wagon and the guys with the nets, I’d like … Continue reading

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