Sponsorship Sunday – Revisit – Loody

Please follow me on Twitter, and “Like” the Facebook author page. Thanks for dropping in for Sponsorship Sunday. Please take some time to read about this week’s resident at Grace Village. And I would respectfully ask that before you go … Continue reading

Sponsorship Sunday – A Request.

Greetings. Each Sunday for the past several months I’ve been asking for support of the orphans at Grace Village. Healing Haiti is the organization that runs the orphanage and I’ve been there on a mission trip. I’m going again this … Continue reading

Sponsorship Sunday – Week Twenty-Four – Frolitho

I’m getting to love this weekly event more than the rest of the blog. Because in your actions you’re showing the love that God has for all of us. You, the readers of this blog, have taken on the roll … Continue reading

Sponsorship Sunday – Week Twenty-Three – Edwens

Sponsorship Sunday is my favorite post of the week. The readers of this blog have done an amazing job in bringing joy to the children of Grace Village. Every week I have to work a little bit harder than the … Continue reading

Sponsorship Sunday – Week Twenty-Two – Gernadette

This week’s entry is a bit more fun than most for me. I had the opportunity to watch a video from Grace Village on the web this week and for just a moment I was back in the room where … Continue reading