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Death Sentence – Training Room 6B

Part of this blog is fiction writing. Today I’m chucking out a 700 word piece of flash fiction. Written in one sitting, 15 minutes, out for your perusal. Gives me a chance to stretch my legs. Serious content resumes Thursday. … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction Rides Again.

Two weeks ago we (the royal “we”) had our first Flash Fiction release on the blog. It went well. Good feedback, lots of fun to write. So this week we’re doing it again. Please follow me on Twitter, and “Like” … Continue reading

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Vacation and Contest time!!!!!11!!1!!!1!

Yeah, kind of lame. But I promised to resume normal posts on the 8th. So I have one more day to be abnormal. The contest for the used bedsheets and fruitcake is now open. I will accept entries via the … Continue reading

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I left my brake pads in San Francisco.

This video is emblamatic of nothing. I just thought it was really cool. And for anyone who’s spent as much time in San Francisco as I have, it’s fun to see some old sights.  Parents: do not let your teenage … Continue reading

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