Commotion In The Few – Guest Blogger Jason B. Ladd

It’s a strange world writers live in, connections seem to be far more important than in other lines of work. Except maybe the Mafia. I guess that’s a tie-in for my guest blogger today, Jason B. Ladd. He’s not a … Continue reading

Tune In Monday – It’s The Marine Corps Birthday & I Have A Marine Officer As My Guest Blogger

That’s it. But there’s free stuff to be had. Yes, valued goods in celebration of his book launch. Now, seriously, does it get better than the annual Marine Corps Brawl (well, some of them turn out that way) and Birthday … Continue reading

Here’s A Blog You Need To Read: Tamara Jorell

I don’t post many like this one, so please take it seriously. Click on this link and go read Tamara’s blog at: She calls the blog “My Blonde Life in the Hood.” It’s one of the best bits of … Continue reading

Doing Some of That There Guest Blogging

Wander on over to Julie Canfield’s blog and take a peak. I have first world problems that need to be explored. And, this officially counts as my Haiti blog for the week. Just another reminder, If you are a subscriber … Continue reading