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Who? Me? Both Of Us?

Somewhere along the way, Jesus lured me back to life. I won’t do the whole testimony thing here, you’d be bored. But I will tell you how it’s impacted me in the last decade. Please follow me on Twitter, and … Continue reading

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Mighty Quiet In Those Streets Today.

I live in Minnesota. The Twin Cities. Over the weekend, a black cop shot a white woman. Both of them born outside the United States. If we really were the racist, horrible society that some have accused us of being, … Continue reading

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Time For A Bit Of Prayer.

I know this blog is often the source of amusing articles. At least when I steal someone else’s ideas or videos. It’s been a dry hole this past week, as I’ve been busy doing the audio book, working at the … Continue reading

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An Excellent End To A Stormy Year – Dog Included In Larger Pun.

This past year has been quite an adventure. Highs, lows, big time awards (Genesis win at ACFW), and a lot of health issues in our family during the intervening days. But the 30th of December, the next-to-last-day of the year, … Continue reading

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Please #prayforJayne

My friends and colleagues, I come to you in search of prayer this evening. My dear friend Larry’s daughter, Jayne, has been diagnosed with cancer in the last 36 hours. I am humbly asking all of you to pray as … Continue reading

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