Prayer War

I’m old, and may have mentioned this before, but I changed my prayer life a few months ago, and it’s been the most wonderful thing.

I’d been contemplating how I responded when people asked me to pray for them, and wasn’t satisfied with my answer. I always did pray for them right on the spot. I’d usually remember to pray on at least one other occasion, and then randomly if they popped into my mind. Post it notes on the desk kept the more prominent needs front and center for a while, but they faded into routine as well. 

So, I promised God I’d up the game. I did nothing about it until we watched The War Room one rainy afternoon. 

This move has been out for a few years, and I somehow managed to miss it. I like the Kendrick product line, and so I sat down with high expectations. 

Listen, this isn’t a movie review, but you should watch the movie. It’s way better than the 3 stars the general populace gave it. I suspect this audience will love the movie. 

I finished the movie and proceeded immediately to start searching for prayer applications. I wanted one I could load on my tablet/phone/windows computer. Nothing I found synched very well. But, as is usually the case, God provided an answer in a note-taking software on all three. 

I started adding people to the list as I thought about them, or they asked. I would take them off the list once the prayers had been answered. The list grew from 1 minute to about 15 minutes now. 

Do I pray like I should every day? No. But I pray more than ever. I even bust out the phone and work on the list when I’m stuck waiting on something/one. I pray on my knees before I go to bed- Chewy licks my face if I get too engrossed in it, and that’s an okay distraction.

Overall I feel closer to God, pray more, and have more hope than I did a few months ago. 

I’d strongly suggest you try this – after watching the movie – and see how you feel. It’s one thing to say you will pray for someone, or put up praying hands on Facebook, and quite another to take the time to do it. 


I’m glad I did.

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