Amish Werewolves Of Space – A Book Review

Quiet out there. I know you people are all laughing at my taste in books. But while you’re laughing, I’m enjoying some darned fine science fiction/speculative fiction works which you, with your snoot in the air, will miss. 

Now, let’s start the tale at the beginning. Several years ago, Kerry Nietz wrote a book that broke the mold, or set the tone for the future: Amish Vampires In Space – Or, AVIS for the fans. What he did was take some deep insights into the Amish culture, and religious beliefs, and introduce space travel and vampirism. It was well written, fun to read, and spiritually sound. It even made the Tonight Show as the worst cover of the year – and helped Kerry sell a lot of books.


A couple of authors (myself included) jokingly said, “Any idiot can do vampires. Can you do Zombies?” It was at the height of teen vampire books, and Zombies were just ramping up.

Kerry, being Kerry, ramped up with Amish Zombies From Space. Now, “Take that!” was implied, and it was even better than the first – because now he’d created a universe for the Amish with Zombies AND Vampires. I mean, seriously, how could you top that?

The answer is his latest book, Amish Werewolves Of Space

You’ve probably read my reviews before and trust me if you’ve gotten this far. So, listen closely: reread the first two before picking up the third. Not that the story doesn’t stand alone, but it’s not as much fun if you don’t have the other two in your pocket. That’s the struggle with any series. You might get the second one to stand alone without the first, but by number 3, especially in a true trilogy, you had best have read the first two.

I enjoyed it immensely. It was fun, logical, fit in the universe he’d created, and answered a lot of questions. The only down part was that I don’t know how he’ll extend the series. But since he’s messed with me twice already, I’m expecting great things.

But even if he doesn’t come up with another member in the series, he’s a heavyweight in the writing world. If you want to read great science fiction, with a light Christian undertone, you have to read Kerry’s work. He’s a very good writer. So, try some of his other books as well – I have. And I enjoyed them.

Now, Kerry – can we do something with Cuckoo clocks? 


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