Joe Shaw’s Selling Free Flash Fiction In The Wonder Bread Aisle.

Shaw has yeast on the brain today, and a fine story at this link. Slide on over and read what he’s got.   We hope you’ll visit the other authors who comprise this collection: Paul Bennett, Robert Cely,  Derek Elkins, … Continue reading

God’s Rules – Free Flash Fiction CovidCantina Style

Welcome back for another round at the bar. Today I wander off into the land of Leviticus. For those of you not particularly familiar with the Bible, this is where the ancient Israelite crowd had codified their laws. It is … Continue reading

Who? Me? Both Of Us?

Somewhere along the way, Jesus lured me back to life. I won’t do the whole testimony thing here, you’d be bored. But I will tell you how it’s impacted me in the last decade. Please follow me on Twitter, and … Continue reading

Some Things To Contemplate Regarding The Birth Of Christ And Our Christmas Legacy

We spend an awful lot of time doing two things at Christmas time in the United States: catering to five year old children, and hawking large luxury items that most of us don’t actually need. What we don’t do is … Continue reading