Another Miracle To Report

Discretion sometimes causes a lag on items in this blog. Specifically, I hesitate to talk about children that I come in contact with as Santa.

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Today that cannot be the case. I have three miracles to report. Not the “Oh, that’s cool” kind of miracles, but the stuff of biblical proportions.

No names, not fair to minors. But this past year I have seen two children who were not supposed to make it come through and thrive. There is a third who just got a clean bill of health after a major surgery to remove a tumor. A tumor that was ruled untreatable just a month ago.

It may just be me, but it seems that most people think miracles are reserved for the Bible. Since Jesus went to Heaven nothing all that special has happened according to many people. Like someone forgot the recipe for something complicated and nobody has been able to recreate it in the meantime.

Miracles are like ice cubes: the recipe is simple. For miracles you need faith and prayer. Great doctors, inspired and guided by God, are certainly a part of that equation. But more than once I’ve seen those who would be ruled beyond hope come back and continue. It moves me each time.

God works in our lives. Just the fact that people know you have prayed for them does them a world of good. It inspires them to know that you love them enough to ask God for His help. Think about that: this person is so important to you that you take the time of the Creator of the universe to ask for His intercession.

I post prayer requests here from time to time. More often, as in almost daily, I stop what I’m doing and ask for God to help lead someone, heal someone, or bring joy to someone. It’s rewarding to me to have that time with Him. It also benefits someone else.

Today, when you are finished reading this piece, take a couple of minutes to pray for someone who needs your help. If you don’t know someone, here’s a list of names:


Each of them could use a bit of prayer. Thank you for interceding with God on their behalf.

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