I know these guys!

I watched the movie “Becoming Santa” today and was blown away by how many of the people in it I know. It’s a small world in the professional Santa pile. I’m honored to be in this company.

Here’s the video, I hope you enjoy it and share it with others on this Christmas weekend. I’ve got some comments below the fold, so watch the video and then click on the link to read the rest.



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Merry Christmas, Madeline

I want to clear up a little item here that bugs me on occasion. I do not offer up some of my observations and stories to make me look good. I’m actually a pretty ugly person on the whole and understand that Romans 3:23 has me pegged perfectly.

My goal in telling these stories is to motivate you to jump out there and live a more Christ-like life. I’m trying. Doesn’t always work. Worth the effort. I just wanted you to know it wasn’t horn-blowing but encouragement from the sidelines where all of us sinners wait to go on the field.

So, with that in mind, here’s today’s missive –

I don’t get to church much on Sundays in December. Out and about as Santa. Last Sunday I was at the Vikings game, purple suit and all, for the pre-game party. Very nice affair, took lots of great pictures with lots of nice people. Had a blast. Continue reading