Last night I was informed of the death of a friend. A friend I’d never met.

I work with technicians all over the country in my job but have only met a few of them over the years. For the most part they are voices on the phone. Kind voices, knowledgeable voices, angry voices, frustrated voices, and sad voices. You get to know these people pretty well when you spend hundreds of hours with them on the phone.

Sometimes they change shifts and you don’t talk to them for months. But other times, they get sick and are gone without your even being aware of it.

That’s what happened to my friend Gerry. I’ve been talking to him for years. We developed a great respect for each other and steered away from controversial topics. Polar opposites in many ways, we always enjoyed the calls. He was a consummate professional. I knew when I saw his technician number assigned to a trouble call that he’d just fix the stupid thing and call me when it was done. He was that good.

And now he’s gone. Another friend I didn’t get a chance to say my piece to in this life. Well, there’s a chance that someone out there knows his wife or his family. So I want you to know that Gerry was a great man, a good technician, a kind soul, and a friend I will miss all the more because I never met him in person.

Is there someone whom you’ve neglected to tell how you feel in your life?  Why are you waiting? Pick up the phone, walk to their cube, send an email, and let them know that you love them  and are proud to know them. It might be too late tonight.

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