That wasn’t fun.

Migraine gone. Two days of frivolity but it’s done. For now. I don’t have them as bad as many people do, but it’s enough to make you just want to curl up with a big bottle of Sumatriptan and turn the lights out.

My apologies to the universe for being distant and crabby this week. I’m blaming the headache versus my own personal faults.


Say, if you were here earlier today you might have wondered what the heck I was talking about in some of my posts.

Seems the video to several posts was blown away somehow. Me, the server, the elves, who knows how it happened.

But, the video is fixed again. Sorry about that, folks.

Gentle Giant.

I ran across this video on another site earlier today. While I watched it I was reminded of my own Great Dane, Duke.  Duke has been gone for 25 years now, but I could still smell him and feel his coat in my fingers while I watched the video. Duke was a barbarian, even for a Dane, but like most Great Danes he was actually very gentle.

There is an apocryphal story in my family about my elderly Grandmother and the dog. She was sitting in a chair in our family room and started to put a piece of chewing gum in her mouth. She placed it between her lips and lowered her hand to her lap. Before she could pull the rest of the piece into her mouth, Duke walked up, snatched it from her lips and walked away with is prize, never even touching her. The look on her face was priceless. He was that gentle.

I’ll never have a Great Dane again. They wreck your house and their bark is like thunder. But they are some of the sweetest, most gentle, docile dogs in the world. Just don’t mess with their people. That could prove fatal.