Chris Tomlin.

This post is simple. We went to see Chris Tomlin on Sunday night. If you’ve never been, go. It’s three hours of the best worship you’ll have in years. Kari Jobe was also amazinglyfantisticalwonderful. Not a word, but it applies. … Continue reading

Wishing I was…

I’m wishing I was in Haiti right now with the people from Healing Haiti. With all the depraved evil in our country right now the thought of working the water truck, annointing the sick, caring for the orphans, and breaking … Continue reading

Three is not the proper hour to wake up.

That goes for the morning and the afternoon. Yesterday I had to do a voice over at two in the afternoon. Home from work, deal with barking units, hit bed. Get up 3 hours later with little sleep. Record tracks … Continue reading