Wishing I was…

I’m wishing I was in Haiti right now with the people from Healing Haiti. With all the depraved evil in our country right now the thought of working the water truck, annointing the sick, caring for the orphans, and breaking bread with my Christian brothers and sisters appeals greatly to my soul.

The wave of loneliness that crashed over me tonight when I saw a Facebook post about the current mission team in Port au-Prince was about 4 stories tall. I so wanted to be at that table with my wife and my friends in Haiti.

But I’m here. And I’m working on a few pieces for the next few days that I think you find infuriating and enjoyable.

Just a quick note about Boston – whether it was a dirtbag from the Middle East, or a dirtbag from Southie, they are still terrorists. And should be hunted down like the rats they are – without mercy. If I read one more thing anywhere about how “they have a right to be mad at us…” in defense of the kinds of cowards that blow up marathon runners, I’m quite likely to unleash one of my world-class vitriol dumps. So far I’ve managed to restrain myself on that bent.

For those of you who have not personally experienced terrorism, and that’s most of you, it’s a manifestation of Satan in this world. I’ve personally missed being blown up at least once by just hours. I missed getting detonated in Naples when they bombed the U.S.O. club just a few hours after I’d left. On at least one other occasion a bomb went off in a location I’d just left in Spain (But the internet date doesn’t match my recollection of when it happened – long time ago.) It’s pretty personal when that happens. I have a good friend who lost his wife to a terrorist bombing in Germany during the Cold War. All these years later he’s still got an open wound that isn’t quite healed.

My point is – George Bush isn’t responsible. The groups that do these bombings are responsible. There is no excuse for targeting civilians. More to come on Boston, but it didn’t surprise me in the least. This is a nation of soft targets. My only surprise is that we haven’t seen more of this in the past ten years. Perhaps it has started. I know that my hyper-vigilance will not be lowered any time soon.

What are you doing to be alert to terrorism? Have you prepared your family? Is your house ready for no power/no water? Are you able to contact the authorities if you see something? And, most importantly, will you run away from or towards the sounds of gunfire?

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