Dachau isn’t just one place anymore.

I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of the people reading this blog today have never heard of Kermit Gosnell. That’s not very surprising. Matter of fact, if I wasn’t a complete maniac for the Internet and my daily filling of blogs (I read about 20 every day, most news oriented) I’d never have heard of it in my local media. Or the national media. With the exception of Fox News.

Before you have a little meltdown about Fox, let’s keep in mind that it’s a private business that competes in the marketplace. I like Fox. They’re not always on point but they provide welcome relief from the “drive-by media” as Rush Limbaugh calls it on his show. And Fox often presents stories that simply will not see the light of day on other networks. Like, oh… Benghazi. Yup, seven months without a straight answer from the administration on that one and only Fox talks about it anymore. But I digress.

Kermit Gosnell worked in the building below:

Daucha’s Philadelphia branch.

This building is the modern equivalent of Dachau. I know that some of you cringed when you read that, but true is true is true. In this building he is alleged to have performed multiple late-term abortions. In my neighborhood we call those murders. Evidently the prosecutor in Philadelphia does as well, because 7 counts of homicide are on the table here. And what a table it is, was, and always will be in our memories. You see, Kermit kept trophies – feet to be precise – from his victims. He finished murdering these infants by severing their spinal cords with scissors. Babies that were clearly alive. Babies that in many cases would have made it outside the womb without any heroic measures. But you haven’t heard about this because it doesn’t fit the agenda of the liberal press.

In most of America, thankfully not the corner where my soul resides, abortion is not safe, infrequent, nor morally acceptable. Because it’s legal (based on a Constitutional right that doesn’t appear in the Constitution) people throw up their hands and say, “Nothing can be done.” This has lead to over 40,000,000 abortions since Roe V. Wade in our country. And in instances like the one where Kermit (and I don’t mean the frog) held his daily performances out of the public eye, it leads to the most hideous kind of murder that one can imagine.

Since this case has emerged in the media (the blogosphere and the media of the Christian community – ’cause it’s not going to be on page 1 of the Star & Tribune) other workers in other abortion mills are starting to come out of the woodwork with stories of late-term abortions in their facilities. And I don’t mean just one or two. But you’ll have to search the Internet for that on your own – again, it’s not in the media you probably rely on for your news.  Just for fun, zoom on over to your local news outlet and search for Kermit Gosnell. Bet the pickings are pretty sparse.

Perhaps today you could take a minute to pray for the souls of the murdered children. And then take some time to pray for their mothers. At least one study shows that many women who have had an abortion are deeply conflicted by the event decades later. And since I’m a rank sinner saved by Grace, I’m all in favor of according the same to other sinners. And some prayer.

Finally, spend a few minutes praying for the souls of those performing abortions and working in those clinics today. They need to have that same Grace. I hope that they will see the light on this and leave that work. It’s not health care, it’s death. Nobody is getting healthy in the entire process except some wallets. The women suffer, the babies die, and many of the people working there hate what they do deep down. And if they don’t, perhaps some prayer will soften that shell and reach out to their souls. For they are in jeopardy.

I’ll save a few of you the trouble of commenting on the post and do it myself:

“That’s easy for you to say, you’ll never get pregnant and you’ll never understand the position of an unwed 15 year old girl who’s carrying a child.” But then again, I was a 15 year old boy and I avoided getting any 15 year old girls pregnant, so I know a bit about self control and moral values. And using abortion as a birth control method isn’t on the list of approved tools in my opinion.

I’m pro-life. Please don’t bother to send me the quote from the nun who says that people like me are actually pro-birth versus pro-life because I won’t pony up the money to take care of the non-aborted child until it turns 18. See item one in my comments on my own post. Let’s start with not killing babies and take it from there.

“I’m an horrible white male who doesn’t understand the situation in the inner city.” Really? I live in the inner city. I see, having looked at the numbers, that abortion overwhelmingly impacts black babies. Margaret Sanger would approve. They aren’t building a whole lot of abortion clinics in the tonier suburbs when I last checked. How this is ignored is quite literally beyond me.

Planned Parenthood isn’t like this guy. They provide critical women’s health services.” Yup. When you go in for your appointment they will gladly refer you for a mammogram. Or a cervical check. Or almost any other health concern. But they’re there for abortions. All of the other functions they perform are secondary to that one single item. When they talk to you about planning part of that planning includes abortion. The next mammogram they do in one of their clinics will be the first. That’s the simple truth. And so if you’re donating money to them through the United Way, or the Combined Federal Campaign, you’re supporting abortion. Just marking your donation “Please use for sex education programs only” or what ever other designation you attach just means that you support that program and they can use all of someone else’s donation to perform abortions. The whole “single pot of money” theory of accounting. That’s the one they use in the real world.

That got a bit ranty. But stockpiling dead children on shelves in glass jars sort of upsets me. Leaving children to die when you botch the abortion bothers me even more. And, as I said in a post a while ago, it’s just an arbitrary age limit that makes any of this legal. Why hang our hat on the second trimester of pregnancy, and not 4 year olds? They certainly can’t fend for themselves. They aren’t viable outside the womb without somebody spending all sorts of time and money on them. They’d never make it on their own, they don’t know much, they don’t have fully developed sense of self or morality – you see how utterly horrid that concept is? And yet a baby in the womb is fair game because it hasn’t emerged yet.

You see, Dachau isn’t just one place anymore – it’s got a branch office in your area.

I’m not good with that. I never will be good with that in any way, shape, or form. If that makes me a fanatic I’ll gladly accept that accolade. Thanks in advance. (I guess I’ve added another check mark on the federal check list of zealotry with this one.)

Does it surprise you that you hadn’t heard of this horror?  What else are you missing by using the drive-by media as your main source?  Isn’t it about time you branch out and read some “outlier” sources to get a hint of the other news that you’re being denied?



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