Liar, Stupid, Or Brain Damaged: It’s Time To Pick Hillary’s Excuse.

For those of you planning on voting for Hillary based on her genitalia, this entire blog can be skipped. Probably forever. Since women are clearly (in your opinion) the superior sex in every possible way, my only question would be … Continue reading

Yer In My Way, Pokemon Dude

For those of you not familiar with the Pokemon Go! game, it involves a tablet or cellphone with special programs, internet capability, and a screen big enough to get you killed because you can’t pay attention to anything else. Played … Continue reading

Remember: An EPIC View Of Employee Relations Is Easy

Once again we head to the bathroom in today’s blog. Then the kitchen. Then the carpet. But primarily the bathroom. What does EPIC stand for: Employee Potty Indicates Concern. Yes, Dear Reader, it’s ranting time. You, dear reader, will be … Continue reading

Ranty Rant Rant

There is nothing as good as a rant. Time to purge the system. Seems the cycle length between rants is decreasing for some reason. I suspect it is because society is getting dumber. Please follow me on Twitter, and “Like” … Continue reading

Time To Settle The Confederate Flag Controversy Once And For All.

Yeah, like that will happen because some clown in Minnesota says it will. Nope. But the point of this blog is to offer my thoughts on it now that the furor has died down. It has been my experience that … Continue reading