These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things. (Well, That’s A Lie.)

I’ve been walking about 12-20 miles a week, April to November, for over 2 years now. During those hours of ambling, my brain works to come up with topics that need to be dealt with and couldn’t possibly be handled … Continue reading

12 Strong – A Review. Five Stars *****

Just for a change, why don’t you go watch the movie and then come back and read this silly blog. You truly have to see this on the big screen. No? Well, I figured you’d be stubborn. You are, after … Continue reading

December 15, 2017 Musical Friday Continues

Good thing there are only two Fridays left to program – I’m almost out of ABBA related Christmas songs. Thankfully, we have Agnetha singing Jingle Bells in Swedish. Eat your heart out Katie Perry. Agnetha (ABBA) – Bj√§llerklang (Jingle Bells) … Continue reading

Annual Tradition Returns: Christmas Music Videos You Didn’t Know About.

Every year I try to bulk up the Fridays with some music videos that might have escaped your attention. Some are repeats of previous years (love them) and some are new. So, turn down the speakers on your desk at … Continue reading

Interesting Times, Indeed.

There’s a rant building in my bones over the Middle East, Bowe Berghdahl, and the nonsense in Washington in general. But that will have to wait, for today we have a variety of stellar videos to present. You, dear reader, … Continue reading