December 15, 2017 Musical Friday Continues

Good thing there are only two Fridays left to program – I’m almost out of ABBA related Christmas songs.

Thankfully, we have Agnetha singing Jingle Bells in Swedish. Eat your heart out Katie Perry.

Agnetha (ABBA) – Bjällerklang (Jingle Bells)

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Today we’re going military, in honor of all of my brothers and sisters serving far from home on Christmas.

First up, Little Drummer Boy – 2013 Defence Forces Christmas Carol Service

Not to be outdone, the United States Navy Band strikes with White Christmas.

Now, them there doggies from the Army get equal time with some bluegrass Christmas music:

Bluegrass Christmas Medley | The U.S. Army Band’s 2015 American Holiday Festival

Finally, what good would it be without the Marines? A Marine’s Christmas Song – The Official Military Video

Pray for them all. Call them. Skype with them. But keep them in your hearts tonight. You are in their thoughts.

God, please bless them all.
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