Interesting Times, Indeed.

There’s a rant building in my bones over the Middle East, Bowe Berghdahl, and the nonsense in Washington in general. But that will have to wait, for today we have a variety of stellar videos to present. You, dear reader, must figure out the pattern here and submit it via the comments section. If you figure it out there’s a prize waiting for you. A nice prize. Not the usual used sheets kind of prize this blog is famous for, but something you’d actually like. With that in mind, observe and reply in the comments. I’ll pick one at random. (Random being defined as strictly by my whim. If only one of you responds, you’re the automatic winner. If more than one responds, it will go to a reader who hasn’t won anything yet. If none of you have won a prize before, I will let Stormy pick. She’s truly random.)

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ABBA: Dancing Queen

Barry Gibb: Carried Away

The Cranberries: Dreams

Destiny’s Child: Say My Name

Got it? Now, off to the comments.


Interesting Times, Indeed. — 2 Comments

  1. Long “blond’ hair—including the highlights in that Destiny’s Child singer, extensive use of falsetto, and repetitive lyrics?