Once Upon A Time, There Was A Group Of Lying Weasels In Washington – No, Wait, That’s Right Now!

Contrary to the belief of the White House and it’s criminal minions in the IRS, some of us are well educated enough to call shennagins on the alleged loss of Lois Lerner’s emails. I know that my silly degrees don’t qualify me to comment… well, actually they do. I have degrees from three different universities/community colleges, two of them in the top 200 in the nation. Strangely, one of the degrees is in computer science. Guess what I do for a living: I work with computer networks. And, most odd of all, I’ve been dabbling in computers since the days when you used a dial-up-modem that required that you call a number and put the handset of the phone into a pair of suction fittings on the computer so that it could lurk along at the pace of a very slow teleprinter. So, yeah, I am qualified to comment on the statement that her emails were lost – it’s a lie. And the rats in Washington think that you’re so stupid that you’ll believe this fabrication and look away while the Obama administration persecutes conservative groups by denying them their lawful tax status.

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That would be bad enough, but what Lerner was doing, and these are the suddenly lost emails, was trying to coordinate outside groups in the prosecution/persecution of said conservatives. She wasn’t content with denying them an equal voice in the electoral process, she wanted to illegally impede them with prosecutions that were not based in fact. She had help from her friends in Congress and outside agencies. You see, it wasn’t a vast right wing conspiracy, it was a very real conspiracy from the progressive leftist movement that is know as the Democrat party.

I think it’s safe to say that 99% of you have email if you’re reading this blog. Either at work or at home, you are known as joesreader@something.com. When you set up an email account, what you are doing is registering your email address with a computer service that takes the messages you hand them, records them, passes them on to the recipient, and does the same in reverse when someone contacts you. Big outfits handle millions of these emails a day.

People get really cranky when their email vanishes. So what real I.T. departments do is something called RAID. Without going into all the gory details, RAID is essentially carbon paper for network activity. Your stuff isn’t just on your hard drive, or a single server. Nope, it’s likely contained on your hard drive, the main email server, a secondary email server, the recipient’s email server, and the backup for that one, as well as the recipient’s hard drive. (Not always on the hard drive, but often enough to be mentioned.)

Really big outfits have a third backup, and sometimes they simply archive all of the above on a couple of storage devices after a fixed period. So it’s likely that your email will be held in no fewer than three places after a few days. Initially it’s probably on two. That’s why the big lie coming from the administration doesn’t hold up. It’s not how real email works. It’s not like a letter you lost when you accidentally shredded the contents of the file. Nope, it’s stored in several places. Ironically, there’s a legal requirement for government emails to be archived for historical and legal purposes.

This stuff doesn’t vanish. Not even total electronic incompetents lose two years of emails due to a server crash. Not even the government is that badly run (but I’ll give them the edge in other areas of stupid – they’re gangbusters!) This is like a crooked business hiding it’s records so that the IRS can’t find malfeasance. Ironic, huh?

If you weren’t mad before you started reading this, I’d like to amp it up a bit: The administration thinks that you’re too stupid to see through this lie. That you will say, “Gee, I’ve lost emails before… I guess it could happen.” Two years worth? Heck, Nixon only lost 18 minutes and he got impeached. If that provoked a visceral response from you that “President Obama wouldn’t have known about that, what a wing-nut.” I’d like you to throw away the blinders for a minute and think about the response of this administration every time something bad happens that they should have known about, did know about, and did nothing to prevent. The pattern is clear:

1. Initial stonewalling.
2. Outrage! We’ll get the facts and punish the evildoers!
3. Slow-rolling the investigation until the next crisis comes along.
4. That’s so old, why are you right-wing-fanatics persecuting him? Are you racists?
5. We aren’t talking about that anymore, the science is settled.

If I’m wrong, please advise which scandal has had some other outcome. I’m going to be sending an email to Edward Snowden asking if he’s got copies of Lois Lerner’s emails. Seems he has all the rest of it on his laptop.

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