I Just Realized: It’s Not Left Or Right That’s The Problem – It’s Elitists.

Let me clear the air by first admitting that I’m way smarter than most other people and I’m not shy about it. Not the kind of thing people usually say, much less believe of themselves – unless they’re honest. I … Continue reading

When It Rains You Get Wet. It Also Slakes Your Thirst. Drowns Turkeys, Too.

First, see the previous blog (right below this one) for a couple of giveaway dealies – free audio books of Assault on Saint Agnes and Kindle versions as well. Free as in no cash, but you have to like something … Continue reading

It’s not just a team, it’s a family.

Our mission to Haiti consisted of 14 people from all walks of life who met through our mutual listenership at KTIS radio. That’s a pretty tenuous link. It’s really thin when you’re headed to one of the poorest places in … Continue reading