I wish to write an ode to soap, Lava in particular.

I spent the previous weekend at a very nice hotel in Dallas. Like most hotels it had some wimpy soap that was a cross between Ivory and Cheapie. Soft, left a residue, smelled vaguely of girls. (I like girls and the way they smell, but it’s not the smell for me when I shower.)

It made me pine for great soaps. The best hotel soap I ever found was a small disk of Oatmeal soap. Nice scrubby feeling, no scent, cleaned well, stayed solid in the shower. I still have one of those years later that I carry as my “emergency” soap when I travel.

The other soap that it brought to memory was the bar of Zest that the United States Navy issued in basic training. It not only kept the recruits clean, but it made your white hat (Dixie Cup, Dog Bowl, Grinder Lid, etc.) nice and white since it didn’t leave any residue. I have heard people complain that it gave you dandruff, but given our hair length of approx 1/2 inch it wasn’t a big issue. And, back in the day, you weren’t eyeing your fellow recruits as potential dating partners.

Today we switch around between brands in our house. My beloved has switched the sink soap to the little electric dispensers that sense your presence and spray soap. It’s good enough and it does cut down on residue in the sinks.

But I’ve hit the point in life where I get to use the soap I like in the shower. Yes, we’re a “two-bar” family in the shower. Mine? Lava. Yes, it is made by the fine people who brought us WD-40 and that’s probably enough for manly men. It’s a great exfoliant, leaves no residue, smells manly and lasts forever in the shower.

So, that’s it. My ode to Lava. I’m done now. back to serious posts.

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