A healthy dose of something cool.

I wouldn’t skydive if I could (seems there’s a weight limit and I have to be airdropped as cargo if I try it.) But this video is pretty awesome. For history buffs, it doesn’t get better than dropping out of the bomb bay of a B-17. I might even try it if I got to do that. (Ask my wife, that’s a big deal.)

So, enjoy!

And, just for the info of my regular readers, now that we’re doing the subscription thing I’ll be embedding video and putting the link below it. For readers who just do the email version the embedded video doesn’t go along with the text. If someone knows of an email subscription that makes that work, please let me know.


And, as always, thanks to BLACKFIVE (http://www.blackfive.net) for the video.


A healthy dose of something cool. — 1 Comment

  1. That was always one of my favorite numbers whilst playing BINGO – “Under the B– (long drawn-out whistling sound) 17! Hold your cards, folks. We may have a BINGO!”